Circle of Security

Parenting Program

This attachment-based parenting program has been thoughtfully developed using over fifty years of research, integrating insight and understanding from attachment theory, mother-infant research, object relations theory and neuroscience. 


Psychotherapy deals with more deeply rooted and persistent problems that may require longer and more intensive support and work to be alleviated. These issues can stem from trauma, dysfunctional family relationships, abuse and neglect.

Therapy works to alleviate your feelings of distress and facilitate your capacity to move forward with a clearer and more vibrant experience of who you are and what is important to you.


Sonya Lawler Counselling and PsychotherapyCounselling is most helpful for those who are experiencing short term difficulty about a specific issue or crisis.

Most of the time we are able to resolve our difficulties with the support and care of our friends and family if we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a supportive network of people. There are times, however, when we are overwhelmed by the magnitude of emotions and complications that surround a particular event or problem.


At present, counsellors and psychotherapists are not covered by medicare and this is generally reflected in the fees they charge. I am a counsellor and a psychotherapist, but not a psychologist, so I am unable to offer medicare rebates at this stage. However, my standard fee of $130 takes this into account and is less than the standard fee of a psychologist.

Professional Debriefing

There are many occupations that provide ‘front line’ services to people.  By ‘front line’ I mean services where you are in direct contact with people who are in distress or traumatised.  This kind of work is very demanding and can take its toll emotionally, physically and psychologically.

These occupations often require a high level of confidentiality coupled with high expectations of success and capacity to cope.  This can mean that there is little opportunity for you to talk freely about difficult encounters, reflect on their impact or develop strategies to de-stress.

Abortion Grief

Reactions following abortion can vary from relief and a quick return to normal through to extended and deep feelings of regret and distress. It is not uncommon to feel sadness and regret immediately following the procedure for a limited period of time and this reaction is exacerbated by the fading presence of pregnancy hormones.

For some women however, the grief following abortion does not abate and for others, it can be months or years after that they experience an emotional reaction to what has happened. These women can experience an array of distressing symptoms that can be triggered by many things such as the break up of a relationship, the birth of another child, seeing a pregnant women or a significant date such as Mother's Day.

Seeking supportive counselling is an important step towards processing the aftermath of unexpected feelings and resolving the grief they are experiencing.


Generally I ask for at least 48 hours notice to cancel a session. Where possible I arrange for an alternate time.

Payment of the fee will be required if there is less than  48 hours notice of cancellation and rescheduling is not possible. In the case of an unavoidable emergency payment will not be required.