About me

Being able to build a collaborative relationship is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome.  So it is really important to find someone that you have some confidence in and you feel comfortable with.  Well, as comfortable as possible given the circumstances of meeting a stranger and talking to them about personal issues that you may never have spoken to anyone else about. It’s a big ask, but worth the effort.

You may have tried a number of people already who have not been helpful or this could be the first time you have had a look. Wherever you are in the process of deciding whether to call, it may help you to know a little about me, what brought me to become a therapist, my training and what I am able to offer you.

My Approach

The Conversational Model

The Conversational Model was devised by the English psychiatrist Robert Hobson, and developed by the Australian psychiatrist Professor Russell Meares who is based at Westmead Hospital here in Sydney.

About Psychotherapy

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About sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes long and usually occur weekly at the same time.

When you call to make an appointment, we will organise a time to meet. During the initial assessment I seek to gain a detailed understanding of you and your needs. This process usually takes up to three sessions. You will also be deciding whether you feel comfortable working with me.

About Therapy

Why therapy?

A positive experience of ourselves can be shattered or stunted by a range of events.
Those can be:

Professional Ethics

Sonya Lawler - Professional Ethics

Abiding by a code of ethics is an essential element of the counselling and psychotherapeutic relationship. Such a commitment provides protection for the client and the therapist and establishes important boundaries for behaviour and responsibilities.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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