About sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes long and usually occur weekly at the same time.

When you call to make an appointment, we will organise a time to meet. During the initial assessment I seek to gain a detailed understanding of you and your needs. This process usually takes up to three sessions. You will also be deciding whether you feel comfortable working with me.

A thorough initial assessment is important to ensure that the subsequent work we do is relevant and helpful to you. Once we decide to continue we will establish a mutually convenient weekly time.  It is helpful to understand from the beginning that regular attendance is essential for progress to be made.  I will have made a commitment to have that time set aside for your use exclusively. Unlike a doctor’s appointment where it is possible to cancel at the last minute and reschedule, counselling and psychotherapy involves our mutual cooperation in creating a safe and reliable space to meet. An essential part of this is the allocation of a time and place solely for your use and the prioritisation of the process.

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