About me

Being able to build a collaborative relationship is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome.  So it is really important to find someone that you have some confidence in and you feel comfortable with.  Well, as comfortable as possible given the circumstances of meeting a stranger and talking to them about personal issues that you may never have spoken to anyone else about. It’s a big ask, but worth the effort.

You may have tried a number of people already who have not been helpful or this could be the first time you have had a look. Wherever you are in the process of deciding whether to call, it may help you to know a little about me, what brought me to become a therapist, my training and what I am able to offer you.

I started my professional career as a primary school teacher but later found that my real passion was in counselling and psychotherapy. My preliminary training in counselling was through Lifeline and a number of Pregnancy Help agencies. It was this work that ignited a desire in me and set me on the path of study and personal development to find an effective avenue for really helping people in distress.Sonya Lawler Psychotherapy and Counselling

In conjunction with doing my own therapy, I completed a post-graduate Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy through ANZAP (Australian New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists). ANZAP is a founding member organisation of PACFA which is the peak national body for registration as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

I have 12 years’ experience and have worked for a number of for not-for-profit NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations) in the social welfare sector, whilst seeing private clients in Doonside, Chatswood and as part of The Inside Story – Psychotherapy at Butterfly House, Crows Nest in Sydney’s lower North Shore.

I provide individual counselling and psychotherapy to adults. I have professional indemnity insurance and abide by the ANZAP Code of Ethics.

My approach

The next section provides more information about my particular approach to therapy.