Sonya Lawler Psychotherapy and CounsellingHi, I’m Sonya. Welcome to my website.

Everyone wants to feel whole and loved and alive. Everyone wants to have healthy and loving relationships.  We want to feel at home with who we are, free to act creatively and engage with the world authentically and effectively. But, what can we do if we do not feel this way?

At my practice in North West Sydney I provide a range of services including individual counselling and psychotherapy for adults, and professional debriefing for employees experiencing burnout. I am also pleased to be able to offer the evidence based 8 week Circle of Security Parenting Program

I hope that you will find the information in this website useful whether you are looking for a therapist, trying to decide what kind of help you need or just curious about counselling and psychotherapy.

If you are looking for support call 0422 748 545 or send an email to make the first appointment.